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thank me later

thank me later

This post has been brought to you by Bupa.

Home of the Unknown.

Isn’t that what The Future is supposed to be? A proverbial question mark? A scary place where What You Don’t Know lives?

And you can’t protect yourself against What You Don’t Know, right?

Relax, amigos. If that were really the case, then how would you explain the existence of the phrase, “You’ll thank me later”? The truth is, we know more about the future than we often give ourselves credit for. And for the things we don’t know, there are ways we can prepare ourselves.

Let’s explore both statements in greater detail, shall we?

We Know More About the Future than We Think We Do

Hands up if you’ve ever meal-prepped. Raise your other hand if you’ve ever kept loose change in your car, lest you need it for a parking meter. Keep your hand up if you’ve ever set more than one alarm clock, juuust in case you sleep straight through the first one?

Yep, just what I suspected. A bunch of hands in the air.

Has it ever occurred to you that all these examples indicate you know something – as opposed to nothing – about the future? And what has happened each time you’ve come home from work, far too exhausted to cook or even buy dinner? What has happened each time you’ve had enough coins to pay for parking, or managed to wake up on time? You thank your past self, correct? My point exactly.

Let me share a personal example with you. I recently turned 30 and it was as though, overnight, I went from wanting to live a reactionary lifestyle, to wanting to live more proactively. Suddenly, things like consistent healthy eating became imperative. Regular exercise became a priority. Daily meditation became essential, and my skincare regimen became FIERCE.

Don’t get me wrong – if you’ve followed me on Social Media or been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve always practiced these things. But there have been times in my past when I’ve relaxed in these areas and gotten away with it. When I turned 30 though, a light inside my brain went, “Bink! (That’s the sound I associate with a light switching on.) You’re not getting any younger, Mandy. If you don’t start eating healthily and exercising more consistently, you’re not going to fit into your wedding dress. If you don’t look after your skin now, you’re going to develop so many wrinkles that you’ll look like a sultana. And if you don’t meditate every morning, you’re not going to be able to concentrate on anything!”

Sure enough, every day, when I get to work and start having to juggle a multitude of tasks, I thank my past self who was kind enough to gift me with focus, simply by having chosen to meditate that morning.

You see? The Future may be mostly unknown, but it isn’t completely unknown. By being proactive now, you can do things your future self will thank you for.

For the Things We Don’t Know, there are Ways We Can Prepare Ourselves.

The Unknown isn’t what makes The Future so daunting. It’s the fear of being unprepared – or underprepared – for The Unknown.

So how can we ready ourselves? Easy, amigos. Easy.

If you look at the examples above, you’ll see that you’ve based your current actions on past experiences. You’ve driven around the CBD for 30 minutes and finally found a car park, only to realise that you can’t park there because the parking meter only accepts coins and naturally, you only carried plastic with you.

Note to self: Always keep coins in your car for instances like this.

Result: No longer afraid of having to park in the CBD.

Fear factor: Nullified.

When it comes to things we haven’t yet experienced for ourselves, we can look to others. Somebody once said, “Learn from others’ mistakes, because you won’t live long enough to learn them all yourself.” No truer words have been spoken. Case in point: My fear of wrinkles. I’ve seen what happens when people don’t look after their skin. Suffice to say, I’ll keep using my range of serums and moisturisers, thank you very much.

When it comes to protecting our health, though, it’s surprising how many people feel less inclined to act. I mean, if I don’t meditate one morning, I’ll just have an unproductive day at work. If I don’t fit into my wedding dress, I’ll just cry a lot and then get it altered. But if my health were to be in jeopardy – whether it be via accident or illness - the consequences could be severe.

That’s where Bupa private health cover comes in: To give you more choice in the treatment and management of your health.

Bupa provides quality health insurance, to support you. It's your second (or in my case, third and fourth and fifth) alarm clock that you set in case you press ‘snooze’ on the first one.

And your future self doesn’t even have to wait long before it thanks you. With Bupa’s range of extras, you can pick and choose what areas are most important to you - and with some, you can benefit almost immediately. I’m the most short-sighted person I know, and I’d be lost (and I mean literally lost, LOL) without Bupa’s optical cover. Dental and remedial massage are favourites, too. And for the near future, obstetrics cover will hopefully come in handy.. EXCITING!

You probably saw this conclusion coming when you read the title of my blog post (which is yet another example of foresightedness), but here goes:

Invest in your future selves, guys. Trust me. You’ll thank me later.

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a'kin natural skincare \\ a review