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zenbook3 and me

zenbook3 and me

This post has been brought to you by Nuffnang and ASUS.

Wow. Things sure have changed.

Just over two years ago, I was a community pharmacist whose use of technology was limited to the dispensary PC at work, and my Smartphone at all other times (okay, fine; sometimes whilst I was at work, too). I had a laptop, but I rarely used it.

Nowadays, I work full-time copy writing, creative consulting and digital strategizing. In other words, my days and nights are now spent with (at least) one hand attached to my laptop at all times. Not healthy, I know, but #liveauthentic.

Naturally, with this change has come a change in attitude toward laptops. Back then, I was indifferent. These days, I do NOT have a spare ten seconds to wait for a program to load – I really don’t.

You can understand why, then, ASUS caught my attention when they asked me if I’d like to give their new Zenbook3 a whirl. I saw the words “UnprecedentedPower”  in the product description, had a flashback to the day before when a too-slow download had made me want to pull out my hair and/or throw my laptop on the floor, and wrote back (I quote), “I’m keen.”

Now, I don’t consider myself to be a demanding person, but in this instance, marginal improvement was not going to do it for me. To sway me, this Zenbook3 was going to have to wow me; it was going to have to be substantially better than the laptop I already had. So, please believe me when I say that the new ASUS Zenbook3 really IS everything they say it is.

I’m no tech pro, so I’m not going to use any terms, acronyms or jargon that I don’t truly understand. What I’m going to do instead is tell you why I honestly love the Zenbook3. Please note: If you’re a fellow creative professional, this review is probably going to resonate with you most.

Ready? Lego!

Lighter + Slimmer = Ultraportable

One of the BEST things about my career change is getting to work whenever and wherever I want. As long as there’s a WiFi connection (and with the advent of Mobile Hotspots, that’s just about anywhere these days), I can work.

Café? Check. Home office? Check. Airport? Check. Sydney, Bali, Vietnam? Check, check, check. I speak from personal experience.

The problem with working anywhere but in my office is the having-to-bring-my-laptop-with-me thing. Size and weight become an issue.

When I venture out and about locally, I need to bring a second shoulder bag with me because my laptop a) doesn’t fit into my usual shoulder bag, and b) putting it into my usual shoulder bag along with all of my other carry-everywhere essentials would probably ruin my bag – that, and/or give me shoulder pain.

When I’m traveling, my laptop goes into my carry-on bag. Lugging it around – especially during long layovers – gets so physically tiring (see “shoulder pain” reference above). As hours pass, my laptop starts to feel as though it’s getting heavier. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the chore of having to whip it out and put it back each time I have to walk through a security check.

The Zenbook3, on the other hand, is ASUS’ lightest and thinnest laptop ever.  Weighing in at just 910 grams, a half-full cup of coffee would feel heavier. It is also just 11.9 millimetres thin. When I told my boyfriend that last part, he corrected me and said, “You mean when it’s open.” But no, I mean when it’s closed. That’s how thin it is.

The two halves are connected by the world’s most compact laptop hinge – it’s 3 millimetres high – which somehow also allows the laptop to open up to an incredible 178 degree angle. If you’re like me and often work (*cough* watch Netflix *cough*) in bed, you’ll appreciate this wide angle range.

You’ll also know that laptops heat up - there’ve been times I’ve had to sit my laptop on a pillow to reduce the warmth from heating up my legs. And like all things that generate heat (think of what happens when a car’s engine has been running for too long), laptops that get too hot, start to slow down. The Zenbook3 managed to circumvent this problem by asking their engineers to invent a brand new cooling system that would enable hot air to be expelled rapidly as well as quietly. The end result is a never-before-seen cooling system that manages to keep the laptop cool, and the laptop’s processes fast. That’s pretty darn impressive.

Unprecedented Power

The product description was accurate – the Zenbook3 really is powerful.

My job often sees me with multiple windows open on my laptop: several different email inboxes, productivity programs, social media platforms, websites, images, press releases, documents and videos. I can kind of understand why my laptop regularly mutinies and freezes on me.

The Zenbook3, however, is fast. It handles my gazillion open programs and files with ease. It also contains 8GB of RAM, which means my days of saving absolutely everything to a USB (because my laptop contains next to no RAM) are over – hurrah!

Another super-valuable feature of the Zenbook3 is its battery life. I usually have to charge my laptop two or three times a day, but this laptop has an all-day (up to 9 hour) battery life and utilises fast-charging technology, which means it’ll charge up to 60% in under 50 minutes.

Oh, and just to touch base with the Netflix reference above: the Zenbook3 comes with a large (12.5 inch), full-HD display and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 (which is 0.4 millimetres thin, but impossibly strong). The result is super crispy-clear clarity.

It’s Like a PC, but Portable..

The problem with compact laptops is that its keyboard usually shrinks along with it. This is not the case with the Zenbook3. Its full-size keyboard that has been designed for maximum comfort and accuracy, so typos can become yet another thing of the past! As a copywriter, this is very important to me.

It also boasts 4 speakers – which is rare in any laptop, much less an ultraportable one. These speakers have been designed and tuned by the audio specialists at Harman Kardon, so they project distortion-free, cinema-quality surround sound. Again, see “Netflix” reference above.

.. And it’s Gorgeous!

The Zenbook3 comes in two colour ways in Australia: Rose Gold (!) and Royal Blue. Each to their own, but I’m hankering after a Rose Gold one next. Why? Because Rose Gold. #goals

It also comes with the Zenbook series’ signature spun metal finish - hello, no fingerprints – which, given its all-metal body, looks super sleek. All three colour ways have golden metal edges, a gold logo and a GOLD KEYBOARD BACKLIGHT. The latter makes me feel as though I have gold at my fingertips. I know that sounds a little lame, but it’s true. Please don’t tell anyone I said that.

Finally, I’m not usually one to swoon over metals, but the Zenbook3 is made out of aerospace-grade aluminium alloy. In Mandy language, this means it is super-duper lightweight BUT super-duper strong. As my boyfriend can attest, the “strong” part is very important. You don’t want to know how clumsy I am.

In short:

I’m proud to be somebody who can now work just about anywhere in the world, but even I know that there’s nothing graceful about pulling a brick out of a Longchamp tote. There’s also absolutely nothing wonderful about seeing me direct rage at my laptop, or watching me pull my hair out from impatient stress.

With the Zenbook3, I am no longer the brick-toting, raging creative professional. Instead, I’m the creative professional with no shoulder pain, who probably watched really great-quality Netflix last night.

Cheers, ASUS. Now, about that Rose Gold..

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