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we will rock you

we will rock you

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Music is a unifier.

It’s kind of like good food, or barracking for the same football team – it’s one of the few things in life that is guaranteed to bring people together.

When the music is as powerful and everlasting as Queen’s, though, it becomes VERY obvious why the We Will Rock You musical has managed to attract so many theatregoers. How many, you ask? Oh, you know, just 16 MILLION OF THEM.

The show has been so incredibly popular, it’s already toured 28 countries (which is probably more than the number of countries I’ll ever manage to travel to in my entire life) and counting. It’s currently showing here in Melbourne, and will next move on to Adelaide and Perth.

What sets We Will Rock You apart from other musicals is the fact that just about everybody knows all of the songs. If you’ve ever attended a concert or musical before (or, *cough*, even just a night club), you’ll know what a HUGE difference this makes to the energy of the entire show. There’s just something SO COOL about sitting in a room filled with people who all (yourself included) stamp their feet at the same time and wave and clap their hands in unison whilst chanting:

We will, We will, Rock you!

*stomp, stomp, clap* *stomp, stomp, clap*

Atmosphere aside, the show itself is really interesting. It’s set in the future, and it’s a time where live music is banned on Earth. Only electronic pop music is allowed, and everybody is expected to act, dress and speak the same way. Conformity is cool. Anybody who is different is automatically rejected – criminal, even.

Sound familiar?

Now, I’m ever the analyst when it comes to art – I’ll read a poem that’s three lines long and then spend an hour trying to dissect it with my boyfriend – so, naturally, I think the show is highlighting a few of the issues that exist in today’s society. I think it’s fascinating how something as entertaining and apparently light-hearted as a Rock n’ Roll musical can actually be SO deep and thought-provoking.

If you’re not interested in anything that’ll strain your brain too much, though, the We Will Rock You Musical still delivers a really special night out. It’s a date night with a difference! The other half and I dressed ourselves up (which was a nice change from the jeans-and-hoodie combo we usually wear to grab tacos) and enjoyed a quick pre-theatre dinner in the city before heading in to watch the show. We sung along to Queen’s iconic songs, stomped our feet, waved our hands in the air like we just didn’t care, clapped, stood and cheered when the pyrotechnics went off, then held hands as we walked back to the car and for the entire length of the drive home. We’re cute like that. #couplebonding

Finally, if you’re a lover of musicals and have been waiting for another one worth watching, this is it. The performances and script are spot-on. 16 million people worldwide can’t be wrong. Plus, it’s pretty difficult to beat a night out spent singing along (very loudly) to “We are the Champions”, am I right?

We Will Rock You.

Or, rather, they will. They really will.

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