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insure the small stuff

insure the small stuff

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If you could insure anything, what would it be?

The team at Bupa recently asked me that very same question, and the first thing that came to mind was terrible haircuts. Sound dramatic? It’s not. Let me explain why:

I must have been five years- old when it happened.

I had been looking forward to getting a haircut - to changing up my look – and this hairdresser was taking forever. I sat impatiently and watched on as she finally finished clipping my brother’s hair and applied a little bit of gel to create tiny spikes. She removed the smock that sat over his clothes, lowered the chair, and then helped him down. At long last, it was my turn.

“They’re twins!” my mother announced proudly, as I climbed eagerly into the still- warm seat.

“How cute!” the hairdresser gushed, as she started cutting away.

I watched in the mirror as bits of my hair began to fall to the ground – a little at first, and then more and more. I was too young and too scared to ask any questions, and she was absorbed in her work, oblivious to the look of uncertainty that was starting to creep into my eyes. Mum had moved away to talk to the salon’s manager –I couldn’t seem to get her attention.

Suddenly, I heard a wail. “What are you doing?!” Mum cried. “She’s a girl!”

My eyes darted to the mirror and in it, I saw everybody in the room freeze. I froze, too.

My hair – it was all gone.

“But, but… You said they were twins!” the hairdresser protested, helpless.

When my twin brother and I returned to school the next day, I felt my classmates staring at me. As I sat cross- legged on the floor, facing Mrs Stirling, I tried to hold my head high but could feel eyeballs examining my hair – or lack of it. Alexander was sitting behind me and he leaned closer to me so that he could whisper into my left ear, “Why do you have hair like a boy?”

Hair, make- up and photography by  @annie.mua

Hair, make- up and photography by @annie.mua

Since then, there have been countless times I’ve felt cheated, or at a loss. There have been numerous times I’ve felt entitled to some sort of reimbursement, or compensation. I’m sure I can speak for most of us – perhaps even all of us – when I say: Sometimes, things happen that are simply beyond our control. We end up suffering and it just isn’t fair.

The disappointment of a terrible haircut is but one example. What about movies whose trailers are ABSOLUTELY EPIC but then turn out to be a complete waste of time? Or meals that sound and look incredible, but end up being so underwhelming that you almost feel robbed? What about the exasperation you feel when you anticipate your first date with somebody really promising – and then it turns out to be both underwhelming and a complete waste of your time?

I could go on and on. #thestruggleisreal

I’m being overly dramatic, of course. All of these things - for lack of a better word - suck. But, when you look at the much larger picture, they’re insignificant; unimportant. Yes, they’ve taken up our time and our money, but we all know that they’re really just First World Problems. We’ll whinge, we’ll rage, we’ll cry (I definitely cried when I got home from school that day) and then we’ll get over it.

Some things, however, can happen and they can be much harder to overcome. I mean, I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact that I’m as blind as a bat. Without some form of vision correction (my specs or my contact lenses), I’d probably hurt myself simply trying to get up out of bed in the morning.

Worse, some things beyond our control can be unquestionably unfair and their consequences can be much greater.  Our cars, our homes and our other hard- earned belongings – we’re understandably terrified of losing them or having them damaged, so we insure them, just in case.

Worse still, some things – like our health – can’t be repurchased or replaced. It’s an intimidating topic and one that most people don’t like to think about, but it’s critically important that you’re not left at a complete loss when you need help most.

Most of us never hesitate to #insurethesmallstuff, but we’re often reluctant to insure the real stuff. It’s an easy mistake to make. If you find the whole subject overwhelming or too hard to understand, rest assured that getting health insurance really is very simple. The team at Bupa are super friendly and they understand that everybody’s needs are different. They can help you find a policy that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle.

The boyish haircut I copped as a five- year old sucked because I had to wait for my hair to grow out and I hated being teased. But you know what? It was no big deal. Some things really are, so please don’t wait until it’s too late. Ignorance is only bliss until it’s no longer an option.

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